NESTLÉ “Pelaventuras”

The branded content team at Upstairs has delivered a turn-key solution for web broadcast, TV and print delivery. The release of a series of animated cartoons for internet delivery and comic books for print and web has been produced by Upstairs for Nexteam and Nestle. The series features the adventures of Ramonkey and Rastango, a pair of monkeys that have to protect the secret of the Magic Pela Pop® from the leopards who are trying to steal it. In these humorous episodes the leopards run into all kinds of tricks and barriers set up by the monkeys to keep them from stealing the valuable ice cream pop. Upstairs provided the complete series as a turn-key solution that included scripts, character design, animation, post-production, sound design and audio post. The team also delivered a series of comics based on each episode for print and web release, several teaser segments, as well as a 30-second TV commercial based on the series. Check out the adventures of Ramonkey, Rastango and their friends at .